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To many, the Church today seems irrelevant and commercialized — a place that functions more like the corporate world than a place to worship God. At Foundation Baptist Church, you’ll find a family atmosphere, relevant truth to guide your life, and a diverse community of believers who are seeking to grow in their walk with Christ and exalt Him in their lives.

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Good Friday Service

April 10, 2017
We will be holding a good Friday service on Friday, April 14th at West End Seniors’ Activity Centre! 9629 176 St NW Edmonton AB T5T 6B3

Anniversaries and Teaching Your Children About The Lord’s Supper

March 24, 2016
Anniversaries and Teaching Your Children About The Lord’s Supper This Friday we will be celebrating with Christians around the world remembering the events that led to our redemption and the redemption of countless others who we will stand with some day singing a new song to the Lamb of God. These events didn’t just happen during what we know now as the passion week. They weren’t even about the passover which is also celebrated at the same time that Christ suffered in our place. But God set these things in motion before the foundations of the world were laid. Mind blowing, I know and humbling when you consider that God had set his love on the Bride he would give to his Son back before he ever breathed the first star into the universe.  Part of that celebration will take place this Friday when we remember the Lord’s death together at 11am at the centre. The other part will take place Sunday morning when we move from horror to joy as we remember the the resurrection of Christ together. We don’t do it because it’s tradition but we do it because it is in a sense an anniversary. We remember anniversaries because they are events that are special to us. Celebration is the posture of the believers…at least it should be. We should, of all people, be the most celebratory people on the planet. In fact, the passover was instituted as a reminder, a kind of a celebration, of the judgement of God passing over the first born of the Israelites when God brought judgement to Egypt right before they were rescued by from slavery to the Egyptians. Redemption is the theme of the passover and it is also the theme of our celebration together. The passover was always meant to point to the better Lamb who was killed and who’s blood was applied to the doorposts of our hearts forever transferring the right wrath of God on our sins to the Lamb of God so that we could be rescued from the bondage of our task master, sin and our task master, the Devil. That is why, when the time was right, Jesus very symbolically (and in the fulfillment of the shadow of the Passover celebration) died a bloody death so that all those who would ever believe would never experience God’s right judgement on their sins. Then he rose again to secure not just our acquittal but also our new life in Him.  Jesus instituted a way to remember. On the night before he died he commanded that we should celebrate in a certain way and to do it as much as we do it to remember his death…his substitutionary, atoning death on the cross…until he comes again. So this Friday, we will be remembering. We call it communion as well as the Lord’s Supper. Either way we will be practicing this together on Friday. In a way, this is a reminder of the Gospel. We believe this has

Gathering Time Change

March 23, 2016
    Starting April 3rd, our Sunday gatherings will start at 10:45 a.m.    

Merry Christmas…more than you think

December 25, 2015
  In just a few more hours (and really for hours already around the world) celebrations in all kind of forms have already begun. I attended one tonight with Leah and the kids. It is of course a celebration. It takes thousands of different forms for millions of different heart reasons. As obnoxious as it is for some it is still going to happen. We call it Christmas. Today we will celebrate with countless millions and I know that some of you won’t. I know that for some, the very term is obnoxious. I understand this. For some, you have a conviction and I get that and respect that. This is in no way written to offend that conscience. In Romans 14 Paul says that if one abstains to honour the Lord…that’s good. If one chooses to celebrate the day to honour the Lord…that’s good too. I would encourage you to read it if you struggle here with those that don’t and with those that do celebrate. But I don’t really want to write about that. I want to draw your attention from the “whether we should and whether we shouldn’t” really quickly by simply saying Merry Christmas. I don’t mean it like most in our culture mean it. And I don’t mean it like those who oppose it understand it. Christmas is obnoxious to some because they believe it is forbidden because of a passage in the law that prohibits making and worshiping idols. They believe there is a pagan history behind it. And yet for others it is obnoxious because it represents the combination of two words, “Christ” and “mass.” The word means “the mass of Christ.” But what does “mass” really mean in the compound word Christmas? Any authoritative dictionary will reveal that the English term mass evolved from the Anglo-Saxon word maesse, which derived in turn from the Latin missa, which is a form of the verb mittere, which means “to send.” Consequently, the root meaning of Christ-mass is “to send Christ,” or “Christ is sent.” In a Roman Catholic sense, mass is quite literally sending Christ to the cross again and again. This ludicrous and demands not one life once, but one life again and again. In the letter to the Hebrews, the writer wrote that Jesus died once for sinners and then sat down ending forever the sacrificial system because finally a sacrifice was made that would forever meet the requirement God demanded for payment of sin for all those who would ever believe. Once for all. So we reject the Roman Catholic mass. But really, historically, the word Christmas did not mean the mass of Christ in the sense that the RC church understands the mass. The word means much more. 1. It means Christ…the Anointed One was sent. This is good news for us. God’s plan from before time, was to send Christ. He was to be the appeasement…the satisfying of God’s requirement for man’s sin forever. It was God’s plan. He