Pastor's Message

It is not a secret that our world is in need of hope. There has never been a time in history as ominous as now. During this time people will turn in many different directions in an attempt to find where the meaning of life is and where they can find real hope in a dark day. So many questions . . . very few answers. Or so we think.

As a young man I came to realize that there were answers. For me, they weren’t found in philosophical discussions, they weren’t found in the success dream (aka “The American Dream”); in fact, I had a hard time finding them at all. I was raised in a Christian home and had heard the Gospel from an early age but there was still no peace . . . there were still no answers. It wasn’t until I put my faith in Christ that I began to take God’s Word seriously. I began to read and study and found that the answers to life’s hardest questions were actually in God’s Word! It was then that God began to ignite a burden in my heart to share His unchanging Word of hope, forgiveness from sins, and a real purpose for life.

That is when I gave my life to do whatever God wanted me to in order that others like me would come to a saving faith in Christ. The Lord led me to Bible College at a small school called Northland Baptist Bible College (now Northland International University). I got my undergraduate degree majoring in missions and Bible. By the time I graduated from Northland, God had begun to give me direction as to what the rest of my life was to be involved in. He had given me my life helper and completer in a godly woman who is now my wife Leah. He had given me training and examples of people who had spent most of their lives living according to God’s Gospel. But I still felt like I needed more training and preparation for this great task God had called me to do. So I went for further training at Heart of America Theological Seminary where I received a graduate degree in pastoral studies. From there we said good-bye to our family and came here to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with a burden to start a church that wouldn’t just entertain people but give them from God’s Word what they need to answer the greatest questions of life. Romans says that faith comes by hearing and hearing from the Word of God. It is my desire as a pastor and the desire of our church to share with people the Good News about how we can have forgiveness of our sins and live a life that counts for something that will outlast our life time and all time.

We live in a post-modern age that does not like the idea that we might be under absolutes that we ourselves do not determine. It seems that it is much more comfortable to believe in what makes you comfortable more than what might make you whole. It is my passion for people to know the truth. I pray that you will visit us and I look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here or call 780-267-2071.

Tim Nissly — Senior Pastor