Anniversaries and Teaching Your Children About The Lord’s Supper

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Anniversaries and Teaching Your Children About The Lord’s Supper

This Friday we will be celebrating with Christians around the world remembering the events that led to our redemption and the redemption of countless others who we will stand with some day singing a new song to the Lamb of God. These events didn’t just happen during what we know now as the passion week. They weren’t even about the passover which is also celebrated at the same time that Christ suffered in our place. But God set these things in motion before the foundations of the world were laid. Mind blowing, I know and humbling when you consider that God had set his love on the Bride he would give to his Son back before he ever breathed the first star into the universe. 

Part of that celebration will take place this Friday when we remember the Lord’s death together at 11am at the centre. The other part will take place Sunday morning when we move from horror to joy as we remember the the resurrection of Christ together. We don’t do it because it’s tradition but we do it because it is in a sense an anniversary. We remember anniversaries because they are events that are special to us. Celebration is the posture of the believers…at least it should be. We should, of all people, be the most celebratory people on the planet. In fact, the passover was instituted as a reminder, a kind of a celebration, of the judgement of God passing over the first born of the Israelites when God brought judgement to Egypt right before they were rescued by from slavery to the Egyptians. Redemption is the theme of the passover and it is also the theme of our celebration together. The passover was always meant to point to the better Lamb who was killed and who’s blood was applied to the doorposts of our hearts forever transferring the right wrath of God on our sins to the Lamb of God so that we could be rescued from the bondage of our task master, sin and our task master, the Devil. That is why, when the time was right, Jesus very symbolically (and in the fulfillment of the shadow of the Passover celebration) died a bloody death so that all those who would ever believe would never experience God’s right judgement on their sins. Then he rose again to secure not just our acquittal but also our new life in Him. 

Jesus instituted a way to remember. On the night before he died he commanded that we should celebrate in a certain way and to do it as much as we do it to remember his death…his substitutionary, atoning death on the cross…until he comes again. So this Friday, we will be remembering. We call it communion as well as the Lord’s Supper. Either way we will be practicing this together on Friday. In a way, this is a reminder of the Gospel. We believe this has so much to do with our life every day that we need to be reminded of the Gospel over and over again. And so, starting April 3, and on into the foreseeable future, we will be practicing communion ever week as part of our gathering together. This is the main reason I am writing you. Week after week we will remind you of why we do this but we think it’s really important you talk to your children about this before tomorrow and certainly before April 3rd. We know that you may start to get questions about what we are doing and why. We hope you do. We also imagine that some of you will get questions from some of  you children as to why they can’t participate. Again, we hope you do. But we also don’t want to leave you handing as to what to say. We believe that communion is only to be taken by those who believe in Christ and have believed in the Gospel and have, as evidence of this, repented of their sins. I know this can be hard to speak to your kids about but it is so important to explain to them (no matter what age they are) what we are doing and why they should or shouldn’t participate. So I want to send to you 2 resources that you can read over that will help give you some direction as to how to talk to your children. There are other resources out there and you have been using one than great! But if you haven’t, I would suggest that you take a quick read over these two links and then talk to your children before tomorrow. 

Here they are: How to talk to your kids about CommunionShould my child take communion?

© 2013 The Village Church, Flower Mound, Texas. All rights reserved. Used by permission.Originally published at

© 2012 The Village Church, Flower Mound, Texas. All rights reserved. Used by permission.Originally published at 

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